About Us

Since 2009, Edilizia R & P S.r.l. operates as a modern Construction Company. The Company is based on the experience of its technical staff and, within a very short time limit, it has created an efficient technical-commercial structure supported by the growing word of mouth among customers.

Edilizia R & P S.r.l. is a serious and modern company able to guarantee a high-quality service and a constant control during the execution phase, ensuring strict time scale and cost containment.
The company is capable of satisfy every request in a timely manner, thanks to a solid and highly qualified working group that collaborates synergistically with a network of accredited consultants and partners.





Our professional staff offer a consulting and research service using innovative technologies, including the use of BIM.

New Constructions

Made with renewable and eco-sustainable materials.


Made with advanced technologies, connected to Ambient Assisted Living and Telecontrol.


Visits are made including free budgeting and consultations in order to satisfy customers.

Conservative Refurbish

Thanks to the studies achieved by our experts, we are able to perform refurbishes with attention to detail.

Thermographic Surveys

Performing thermographic controls on apartments/villas for troubleshooting.