About Us

Since 2009, Edilizia R & P S.r.l. operates as a modern Construction Company. The Company is based on the experience of its technical staff and, within a very short time limit, it has created an efficient technical-commercial structure supported by the growing word of mouth among customers.

Edilizia R & P S.r.l. is a serious and modern company able to guarantee a high-quality service and a constant control during the execution phase, ensuring strict time scale and cost containment.
The company is capable of satisfy every request in a timely manner, thanks to a solid and highly qualified working group that collaborates synergistically with a network of accredited consultants and partners.

The experience gained in the public sector is a guarantee of compliance with the most stringent safety and quality standards, but it’s also an assurance of our capability to solve quickly complex problems in critical conditions.

The public procurement management, the Company’s core business, has led, over the years, to comply perfectly with the characteristics desired by the customer, with strict compliance with specifications and technical document.

Nowadays, Edilizia R & P S.r.l. is an entity with an over thirty-year experience patrimony and a robust organization that takes advantage of experienced and motivated staff for the yard’s management.

The profound knowledge of the technological aspects related to constructions, the continuous attention to the new applied IT tools, the in-depth analysis of the market and its trend let the Company to conquer a leading position in line with the current needs of the client which require ever more articulated and specialized intervention capacities.

In the past few years, The Company has also specialized in the Thermographic Sector, forming thermal-imaging experts in order identify a specific problem and resolve it.

The Company’s main objective is to continue to grow and establish itself in the Construction Sector, creating innovative works, up with the times, but always respecting the wishes and needs of customers.